Criteria for a Listing at Spokane Art Galleries
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The online list of Spokane art/craft galleries and art fairs is the destination page for a QR code found on postcards, window stickers, and flyers that are distributed throughout the Spokane area. The code is easily scanned by visitors to our town and by local residents, which will assist them in finding Spokane's top art & craft venues (please note: we are not describing individual artist studios!). This sends more foot traffic to these shops & galleries, increasing the likelihood of sales for original/handmade work.

~ Is it a shop/gallery that is devoted to selling original art and/or handmade craftwork that is created by various artisans of the Inland Northwest, with little or no imported buy-sell products?

~ Is presenting local art & craft the primary mission? If not, what is the main purpose of the shop? (for example, a frame shop is fine whereas a tattoo parlor is not related).

~ Is there a bricks & mortar location in the Spokane area that the public can visit?

~ Does the shop/gallery have regular days & hours when it is open to the public?

~ Does the shop/gallery have either a webpage or a Facebook page that describes its purpose, with the location, telephone number, and posted hours of operation? (to make it easier for people to visit your biz).


~ Is the fair devoted to original art & craft? or does it include imported/commercial items, business services, etc? (the fair should have a significant representation of art/craft).

~ Is there a jurying process?

~ Does this event have either a webpage or a Facebook page that describes the fair, with the location and dates?

The purpose of the questions above is to give you a good idea of what we are looking to include. If you feel you meet the criteria and would like to be considered for a listing, we need to know your name ; the business name (or in the case of an art fair, the name of the event) ; the location in the Spokane area ; your phone number ; the biz or fair's web URL and/or Facebook page address ; and your email address:

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