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The purpose of the QR code project is to send more customer traffic to those venues in Spokane that present the handmade craftwork and/or the original artwork of artisans living in the Inland Northwest.

If you have a smartphone (or tablet) you can point the phone's QR scanner/reader at the image above to see how this works. If you do not yet have a QR code reader you can easily get one for free by going to your App store and using as your query: "QR Code Reader" ~ it will download and install in minutes.

A minimal payment from local galleries allows us to place our printing order for the postcards, flyers and vinyl stickers. Very soon we will remove from the QR destination webpage [ ] those few galleries who have not yet sent payment.

Your $25 payment should be sent to:
Chuck Harmon

Please email Chuck or Steve to indicate that payment is on its way from your gallery:

We want as many of the top Spokane art & craft gallery/shop venues as possible to join us in this project, as it is in everyone's interest and the payment is less than a few cups of coffee at Starbucks ~ if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at either email address above.


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