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If you have your own website it will help the SAG project if you can add a link to the page that lists all the Spokane Galleries & Shops. You can either add the code below, which will reference the small "Proud to Support Spokane Arts" graphic from an external server, or you can upload the graphic to your own hosting service.

· To use the HTML code below (which will reference the small banner graphic), simply copy & paste it into one of your webpages at any position that works for you, then upload that page to your hosting account:

<p><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" vspace="3" hspace="3" border="1" alt="Proud to Support Spokane Arts"></a></p>

Proud to Support Spokane Art

· To use the graphic (without the code above), put your cursor over it then right click and "Save image as" ~ it will download to your own computer. Then open the control panel for your website account and position it on a page, and publish. Please connect that graphic to the following link:

After you finish, be sure to use your browser to view your own page on the internet, then actually click the graphic to confirm that you go to the "Spokane Art Galleries & Shops" list.

Doing this can help the page get a better position on a search engine for viewers who are looking for art galleries & shops in Spokane, which can mean more foot traffic to those shops and hopefully more sales for artists & craftspeople of the Inland Northwest!

Thanks for supporting original art & handmade craft in Spokane Washington :))

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