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>> Do you actually make this work?

Yes ~ we make absolutely everything that you see on our various web sites. Contois Reynolds is a two-person glass studio which has been operating for over thirty years in Spokane WA and in rural West Virginia. Every artwork that leaves our studio is carefully handmade from start to finish, with the careful attention to fine craftsmanship and design quality that marks our glass as truly unique.

>> Do you create your own designs?

Yes ~ all of our designs are completely original and are © Contois Reynolds. Our design style incorporates a dynamic use of detailed line, organic shape and harmonious color that results in our unusually flowing imagery. As avid absorbers of eclectic ideas, we especially enjoy incorporating the universal symbols of human culture into our artworks.

>> On your mirrors & windows you are using a copper patina on the solder lines ~ can you leave that off so the finish remains a silver color?

Yes ~ we do this quite frequently for people. If for example you have a lot of chrome in your decor and you want the solder lines to complement that with a silver color, then just let us know and that's how we'll do it for you.

>> Where do you get your ideas?

Some people think artists receive signals from an alien mothership, but (in our case at least!) all our designs come from our own life experience ~ we do not purchase or copy designs from any source.

>> Do you have payment plans available for your larger selections?

Yes, if it would be helpful to you to make 3 payments rather than one, we can do that. This is available for any design in the $300 or above range... Contact Us for details.


>> How is the work shipped?

We send our suncatchers and earrings via the US Postal Service; mirrors and windows are generally shipped UPS ground service.

>> Are there any shipping costs?

For suncatchers the total is based on the number of items you order.
For example, the first two items have a total shipping cost of $7 ; the next 2 items (3 & 4) add another $5, so the total for the 4 items is $12 (or only $3 per suncatcher). There are no additional shipping charges after the 6th item.
Shipping for jewelry is free.
Mirrors and windows will depend on the size, ranging from $15 for our smallest mirrors or windows, up to $50 for the largest.
Note that we only ship to the USA and Canada.

>> Can the work be sent air rather than ground?

With the postal service that is possible, but regretably UPS does not offer air service at our local dropoff station. If you need something in a hurry we will send it US Postal air if you will cover the extra charges.

>> Can you ship larger items to a PO Box number?

We generally send all our larger items (windows and mirrors) via UPS, as they give the best rates and automatically include insurance, but they cannot ship to a PO box. However if you prefer that we ship to a PO box then we must use the postal service, and therefore we must charge the extra cost that they incur.

>> We are buying this item as a gift and would like it shipped directly to our friend ~ can you ship it to them for us?

We will send it wherever you prefer. Indicate the person's name and shipping address when you contact us, and we'll see to it that they get your gift directly. We'll even include a short message of your wording.

>> What happens if one of your items were to be damaged during shipping to us?
We GUARANTEE safe shipping. We pack everything extremely well, so if anything happens to it in transit, you are in NO way liable. Just notify us immediately of the damage, and we will begin the process of making you a replacement.

>> FULFILLMENT TIME:  Once we place an order, how long does it take before you will ship it?

That pretty much depends on the shipping distance and how many orders are in front of you. Under most circumstances, from the point of your order to the point where the item is in your hands, it will take:

  • Large Mirrors and Windows:  Generally no more than about 4 weeks, though possibly as much as 6 weeks under rare circumstances;
  • Small Mirrors and Windows:  About 3 to 5 weeks maximum, sometimes less;
  • Suncatchers:  Generally 7 to 10 days; up to 2 weeks during peak demand (holiday season);
  • Earrings:  Generally 7 to 10 days.


>> Are your mirrors one of a kind?

Stained glass is not at all like photography or printmaking, where the technology itself makes it possible to create multiples which are all exactly alike. With stained glass, every single piece, no matter how large or how small, must be hand cut one at a time. Since each sheet of glass is different from piece to piece, it is inevitable that every mirror we make is unique, and therefore in its own way is truly one of a kind.

>> The borders and accents to your mirrors look so unusual; are they made of actual stained glass?

The mirrors are completely made of stained glass except for the process of bonding the pieces together, which is copper foil and solder. (This is known as the "Tiffany" technique, as Louis Comfort Tiffany, at the turn of the 20th century, developed this method of bonding large glass artworks so they would not weigh as much as works done with tradtional lead came). We use a variety of techniques and materials to create the borders for our mirrors, including hand-painted kiln-fired 22 karat gold designs, space-age dichroic glass, and colored texturized mirror.

>> How do you get the gold on the glass on your art mirrors?

Using gold on glass is a technique that dates from the time of the Persians, ten centuries ago. We carefully hand paint the liquified 22k gold onto the glass using either a fine tip brush or a special pen with a chamber to hold the liquid. Then the glass is fired in a kiln and allowed to slowly cool; the resultant gold designs are fused permanently into the glass.

>> Our interior is mostly silver & chrome ~ can we get a mirror without any gold or copper patina?

Yes, we frequently make our mirror designs like this for our customers. All you have to do is to contact us to let us know your preferences (you can either call or email) ~ we'll make the mirror exactly as you request.

>> I love your mirror designs but I do not want any embellishments ~ is that possible?

Yes, tell us what you want and that's how we'll make it.

>> Are the mirrors heavy? How do they hang?

They are surprisingly lightweight and can be hung in a matter of minutes ~ even our largest mirrors only weigh a total of about 7 or 8 pounds; the small mirrors weigh only 2 or 3 lbs.

We solder extra-strong copper brackets into the back of the mirror (one on each side), to which we connect twisted-strand wire capable of holding up to 75 lbs. This allows the mirror to hang with a simple picture hook, in the same way you would hang a framed photograph or painting. We include complete instructions.

>> Will the mirror itself deteriorate?

The delicate part of mirror is the silvering on the back. We coat every mirror 4 times with special materials that will protect and seal the silvering for a lifetime of use. All the materials used in our work are of heirloom quality.

>> How do you recommend the mirror be cleaned?

Generally it is best to use a mild cleanser which you spray onto a clean cloth, then gently wipe the mirror. Because our final step is to apply a long lasting high tech polish, you will find you will rarely need to clean one of our mirrors. Our favorite commercially available cleanser is a purple liquid called "Sparkle."

>> Are the mirrors signed?

We engrave our signature on the back of one of the border pieces on each completed mirror.

>> Are the indicated sizes for the entire piece?

Yes ~ the size next to each mirror name is for the entire design (from outer edge to outer edge), not for the central reflective mirror. This is to help you determine if the selection will fit in the space which you have available. Note that since all work is handmade, there may be a slight variation in size from what is published online.

>> What happens if a mirror we ordered just doesn't work in our decor?

You get an unconditional guarantee with our work.

When you order a mirror, if requested we will send you glass samples for your approval ~ this makes it considerably more likely that the colors will work fine. However if there is should be a problem, then call us within 14 days of receipt of the mirror and we will exchange it for one that would be more suitable, or will refund your payment once the mirror is safely shipped back to us. In other words, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

>> Are there a variety of custom color choices for the mirrors?

We are always willing to work with colors that most complement your decor, so if you want something special, just ask. If we can get the glass in that color, we will accommodate your request.

>> Can you vary the size of a mirror ~ either larger or smaller?

Generally no ~ the sizes indicated on the website are the only sizes available.


>> Are the earrings made of regular stained glass?

Our earrings are made of a special stained glass called "Wasser Glass." This is a very thin and colorful glass that becomes incredibly strong when kiln fired with 22k gold.

>> Are the earrings heavy?

Not at all. The real beauty of using Wasser Glass for earrings is how lightweight it is ~ we do not exaggerate when we say it is a featherweight material. Unlike fused glass, our jewelry does not have the extra weight found in added layers of glass... even our larger earrings are amazingly comfortable to wear.

>> Are the earrings available for non-pierced ears?

Yes, all earrings are available in clips at no extra charge.

>> Are there multiple color choices?

Yes, all earrings are available in a variety of colors.

>> If the earrings are not the color or size I need, can they be exchanged?

Absolutely. Just carefully pack them and send back to us ~ we'll exchange them for whatever style or color you want.

>> Are the earrings easy to clean?

Gently rub them with a clean soft cloth and they will immediately look like new.

>> Is there really a "lifetime guarantee" for your earrings?

We state in writing that if any earring breaks or chips at anytime for any reason, we'll replace it at no charge to you.


>> Are the suncatchers and windows easy to hang?

Hanging a suncatcher or a window couldn't be easier!

SUNCATCHERS:  Each suncatcher comes with a length of fishline that is already attached to a tiny loop which is soldered into a joint. You can then tie the loose end of the fishline onto a tiny nail tacked above the window, or tie it to the curtain rod, or attach it to a suction cup.

We recommend that you tie the suncatcher selection to the nail or curtain rod, however if you have vinyl windows or cannot hammer a nail, then it may be necessary to use a suction cup. If you must use a suction cup, you should smear just a little clear silicon adhesive on the back, then let it dry for an hour. You can find small inexpensive tubes of silicon adhesive at any discount or hardware store.

WINDOWS:  The windows also come with heavy duty fishline and are ready to hang. We'd recommend using two brass cuphooks above the window, and suspending the window from them. We provide everything you need, including clearly written instructions.

Note: Do NOT attempt to hang even a very small window from a suction cup!

>> Are the windows and suncatchers available in colors other than what you have indicated?

We are happy to make you any design in any color ~ just let us know your preferences. See a suncatcher custom color example.

>> Do the windows and suncatchers also have a full guarantee?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed ~ if any suncatcher or window arrives damaged, or is not what you expected, we will exchange it or refund your money without hesitation.

>> I need a quantity of suncatchers to give as gifts to our club members ~ is there a discount for multiples?

We offer 3 of our most popular suncatcher designs at a reduced price, for orders of 10 or more. Go to our [Quantity Orders] page to see the selections & prices.

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Please contact us if you have any questions about our work!

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