Contemporary art sculpture in bronze, wire, metal, wood & clay

Sculpture Art at the Juried OnLine Arts Festival

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; but making the complicated awesomely simple, that's creativity."
~ Charles Mingus
Sculpture Gallery 1 Jackie Braitman Sculpture

Elizabeth Berrien - Wire Zoo ... Eureka, CA
>> World class wire sculpture ~ commission an expressive wildlife wire sculpture for home, landscape or architectural setting.

Wilfred Charbonneau Jr. ... Clifton Park, NY
>> Unique wildlife sculpture in moose antler, created by nature, using existing shape, contour, and texture.

Star Exhibitor  Lynn Earnest ... Griffithsville, WV
>> Museum quality artworks, including art anatomical bronze sculpture, intaglio aquatint & color etchings, watercolors, and batiks.

Dottie Erdmann ... Fortuna, CA
>> I sculpt the gangly children I raised. Each one holds memories of ourselves and our families. Commissions welcome.

Joseph Ferris - Creative Metal Works ... Boca Raton, FL
>> Unique contemporary metal wall art designs with interesting shapes and compositions. Each piece is hand crafted with quality and care.

Jan Fitch - Art in Wood ... Kingston, Canada
>> Hand carved and intricately detailed wildfowl art from basswood; cast paper sculpture; and driftwood art - sculpted clay onto driftwood.
Sculpture by Joseph Ferris

Cat Hainfeld - Cat's Creatures ... Albion, RI
>> Friendly monsters and wonderful animal characters! Cat Hainfeld captures their vibrant spirit in her original sculpture and writing.

Werner Holzbaur ... Bradenton, FL
>> Stylized sculpture of dolphins, sailboats, sea birds and more. Sculpted from hardwoods with a unique finish.

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