Fine art photography... contemporary black & white and color Landscapes, Seascapes, Still Life, & Portraits

Photography Art at the Juried OnLine Arts Festival

"Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind
are the true lens of the camera."
  ~ Yousuf Karsh

Photography Gallery 3 Fine art photography by Nancy Ridenour

Gordon Osmundson ... Oakland, CA
>> Black & white, large format photography with an emphasis on railroads and other examples of our industrial heritage.

Federico Sanchez - Perceptive Art ... Toronto, Canada
>> Photographic fine art Giclee prints, specializing in natural abstracts and vibrant macro images.

Armond Scavo - Earth Light Images Gallery ... Philadelphia, PA
>> Imaginary landscapes, bold graphics, floral portraits, and romantic urban landscapes including Philadelphia, Italy and Sicily.

Rebekah Schiller ... Denver, PA
>> Hand-colored Polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts. Galleries include Women and Judaica. Colorful and impressionistic!

Norman Soskel - Memphis Things ... Germantown, TN
>> Fine photographic artwork... observational photography including nature and places, utilizing light & texture to create art.
Fine art photographs by Armond Scavo

Jeane Vogel ... St. Louis, MO
>> Unique hand-altered Polaroid photographs are a form of photo-impressionism and are created by painting with the film emulsion while it develops.

Brian Watson - Studio Momo ... Bellevue, WA
>> Original / unique digital art and photography, featuring vivid colors, exquisite designs & beautiful flowers.

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