Fine art painting gallery for contemporary watercolor, acrylics & oil painters

Oil paintings at the Juried OnLine Arts Festival

"Imagination is stronger than knowledge, myth is more potent than history, dreams are
more powerful than facts, and hope always triumphs over experience."
  ~ Robert Fulgham

Painters Gallery 4
Cedar Lee Painting

Cedar Lee ... Baltimore, MD
>> Colorful figurative acrylic paintings on stretched canvases, including portraits and dramatic nature scenes.

Susan Loy - Literary Calligraphy .... Moneta, VA
>> Susan Loy's calligraphic paintings combine classic texts from Shakespeare, Thoreau, etc. with detailed illustrations that describe the text.

Nancy N. Maas ... Ithaca, NY
>> Colorful, highly textured watercolor weavings / collages, and abstract works, including seascapes & landscapes, women at work, and Africa.

Barbara J. Mason - Dragonfly Studio ... Springfield, IL
>> Realistic watercolor / eye-catching colors that captivates. Dry brush at it best. Cultural samplings of life.
Painting by Linda Mears

Rhonda McEnroe ... Owensboro, KY
>> Prolific techniques ranging from realism to abstract, including excellent portrait commission; watercolor; oil; and soft pastel.

Linda Mears ... Chatsworth, CA
>> A unique collection of original paintings of country landscapes, animals, children, florals and holidays.

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