Handmade original contemporary jewelry... in gold, silver, porcelain, and other precious & semi precious materials

Hand made jewelry at the Juried OnLine Arts Festival

"Friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Jewelry Gallery 3 Pendant by Sue Espy

Sue Espy ... Antioch, CA
>> Handcrafted wire art jewerly featuring ammolite, dichroic glass, cameos, tiffany stone, paua, designer cabochons & other gemstones. Custom bangles/collars.

Paul Ewing - Shining Moon Creations ... Arlington, TX
>> Concentrating on exotic & fantasy jewelry in silver & semi-precious stones using dragon, fairy, and seascape themes.

Alan Goldin ~ GoldinJewelry ... Montclair, NJ
>> The shape is everything. My work is sculpture-to-wear, and yet wearable every day.
Jewelry by Linda Jensen

Suzyn Gunther ... Algonquin, IL
>> Eye catching, unique, artistic fine silver jewelry incorporating gemstones, cabochons and glass. Earthy and sensual one of a kind designs.

Star Exhibitor  Liz Hall - Lizard's Jewelry ... Lovettsville, VA
>> Art jewelry, in silver & gold with unusual gem stones. Contemporary designs combining both organic & geometric forms as one of a kind pendants, earrings, rings and other unique jewelry.

Kathleen Horner - Flower Sculptures ... Greenville, SC
>> Unique wearable art... Hand-sculpted collection of wildflower and garden flower pins and earrings.

Star Exhibitor  Akiko Ishikawa ... Montreal, Canada
>> Handmade sterling silver jewelry, pearl rings, bead necklaces and unique origami designs.

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