Here are some of the statistics that good quality tracking analysis can give to you:

  1. How many "unique visitors" are you getting? How many "hits" do they generate?
  2. Do they visit more than one page? What path do they take through the site?
  3. How much time do they spend on your site?
  4. Which pages do visitors leave on?
  5. What country do they come from?
  6. What browser type, monitor resolution, and OS platform are they using?
  7. Which pages use the most bandwidth?
  8. Which pages are least popular?
  9. Is anyone linking to your site?
  10. Which search engines are visitors coming from? And, which words or terms did they use to find your pages? (What are the best keywords, and how many conversions are they getting)
  11. Is anyone clicking into a dead page?
  12. As a percentage: how do people generally find the site - from SE's, from links, from their own bookmarks, etc?
  13. Did that search engine you submitted to months & months ago actually index your site? (Look for their "spider").
  14. You can check for "favicon" in logs to see how many people with IE bookmark the site (Netscape 4.x does not recognize favicons).
  15. Do people come back? (Fixed IP addresses can give an idea of this without needing cookies)

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