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If you've been on the WWW for any time at all then you know that e-commerce success depends on a steady stream of targetted visitors who have a genuine interest in what you do. Talk to anyone who is making online sales and they'll tell you that is true. Visitor quality trumps visitor quantity every time.


The primary purpose of the Juried OnLine Arts Festival is to affordably connect artists & craftspeople with individuals who appreciate original art and handmade craft, including gallery & shop owners, show directors, and online retail customers who wish to make a purchase for themselves or as a gift. We do that by sending quality visitor traffic directly into the independent websites of the exhibitors who join this art/craft web community.

When retail customers who are interested in original & handmade work like what they see on your pages, they can place an order directly with you or bookmark your site for further viewing; likewise, show directors can review your work and, if they think their show is a good match, send you an application for exhibiting; and gallery/show owners who come here are always looking for top quality art & craft work to include at their own venues.

So as the old saying goes, "to sell you must be seen", and nowhere is that more true than on the WWW. When you become part of JOLAF, you provide the public with another opportunity to see what you are doing, and the more online galleries like that you join, the more targetted visitors you'll receive. As your targetted visitor count goes up, so too will the likelihood for internet sales success.

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JOLAF Membership Fees

· First Year Membership ~ $30 ~ Make payment by credit card, PayPal, or check.

· (Optional) Listings in Additional JOLAF Mediums ~ $5/medium (assuming your extra medium is an appropriate match)
· Additional Years Membership Renewal (after first year) ~ $10/yr

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It is Easy to Become a JOLAF Exhibitor Link Member!

If you already have a website that presents your original art / handmade craft, and you would like to join JOLAF's professional arts community to expand your online exposure, the first-time basic membership fee is only $30 for a descriptive listing in your medium and under your own name. The process is quick and easy:  First go to our criteria page, and if you feel you meet those guidelines, complete the short submission forms. 

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Additional Information & Services...

Maintenance & Updating Assistance for Existing Websites:  If you already have a site and simply need help maintaining & updating it, we have been doing that for professional artists for well over a decade, so we understand the kind of priorities that come with being a professional artist or craftsperson. We can also help you integrate a [Mals E-Com Cart] into your site.

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If you have questions you can contact:
Steve Reynolds & Ann Contois at the Juried OnLine Arts Festival
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