Juried OnLine Arts Festival

Exhibitors' Raves & References

Art Glass by Marco Jerman

"WOW! We are so happy! I knew it would be this beautiful. I had total faith in you and I am so thrilled. Tim and I are very pleased with our site and we will be making additions but I had to share with you our recent sales from the web site since January have been over $2000."
Marco Jerman ... Jerman Art Glass

"Sales from the website continue ahead of expectations, and I would be remiss if I didn't tell you what an excellent job you did for us. Susan agrees. Very artistic, with a design that complements our site and product. First class."
Ron Ayers ... Literary Calligraphy

"I don't know how, but we already had an inquiry from a gallery about wholesale stuff, and I can't think how else they would have gotten it but from the web site, so we're off to a great start!"
Robin Dewey ... The Dewy Studio

"Marvelous, simply marvelous. I love the site. It looks great. Thank you. Some requests have come in for preview video which is the phrase on my web site so some people are finding it and responding!"
RJ Lindsey ... Living History

"You might like to know: I'm going to be featured in upcoming issues of "MacAddict" and "Digital Fine Art." Both are the result of the MacWorld Expo, but neither would have come about if they didn't have my web page to look at. Kudos!!"
Judy Mandolf ... Studio One Digital Imagery

"Just looked over the site - it looks great! Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks for the quick work."
Sandy Gates ... Paper Art Card

Mixed Media by Ione Citrin

"I want you to know that I have made my first sale from the website. Someone from the U.K. has purchased two of my paintings. Thank you for the good job you do designing the site and the search engines you provide."
Doreane Conrad

"I love it! It is awesome! It's like I have a cyber fairy godmother. You are truly cyber artists! I did not detect any glitches. It is easy to maneuver around in. I am very, very happy."
Cheri Bredbenner

"I wanted to let you know that the Home and Garden Channel found me on the web and came out to my studio to do a feature on me. I'll be on the Carol Duvall Show this fall, episode 902."
Debra Swauger

"Thanks for everything! The site looks great. I already got some extra wholesale orders and my first "shoppingcart" order off the site for pieces not in my catalog. Everything worked great Gotta make em now. Also just got an e-mail saying how nice the updated website is. Thanks again."
Kevin Dyer ... Castpaper

"I came home to THREE new orders, already - I'm very excited. It is such a professional looking and acting site. You must be very proud of how your website skills have developed. It's no wonder that you are so busy."
Kevin Ritter ... Clay Spirit Studio

"The site has already generated some inquiries. It comes in at #1 on Yahoo web pages if you type handmade desks, also have been able to find it on other sites either as it's own or as part of ElectronicCottage and Jolaf."
Clifford Gateless ... Elk Cabinets

"Just thought you might be interested in seeing the response (below) to our first internet order - what a pleasure!"
Mike & Roz DuFlo

  ["Hi Mike and Roz, I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your beautiful kitchen tools! I have never seen your items in person until today. I just happened to find your website one day when I was searching the web...Thanks again!"]

"Feedback from visitors to my updated and greatly expanded snazzy new website!"
Bob Noone, Lawsongs

  ["Wonderful page, Robert!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Be in touch sometime when you're in town and I'll buy you a brew. I plan to buy "Chicken Suit" - I listen to "Wingtips" all the time. Be in touch."]

"My website is a wonderful tool for galleries to see my work and I have received some invitiations to send slides for gallery shows, through the site. From my mail I know many new people are finding me. Thanks for the good work."
Doreane Conrad

"I just attended a seminar on Friday "Internet Marketing for Artists & Arts Organizations" put on by Virginia Commission for the Arts. The very first example of an outstanding arts website shown by the speaker was JOLAF!!!

Well, I nearly fell out of my seat. The speaker was quite excited when he found out that one of the first JOLAF artists was in the audience, and we chatted at length at the break. He told me to congratulate you on a very successfully planned and executed site, and one that he enjoys visiting. I just had to contact you and let you know that the Virginia Commission for the Arts thinks you are doing a wonderful job."
Nancy West

"More originals selling from my website; I am expanding the site with more images...I wanna kiss the shows goodbye and begin a web business!"
Kenneth Koskela

"I've already had $2500 in dulcimer sales this year"
North Country Dulcimers

"A few days after I wrote you, I got my first direct web order for a large serigraph!"
Nancy Klotzle

"Loved seeing your new work on your web site and think your Juried OnLine Arts Festival is great. It all looks very classy. You did a great job. Good luck."
Audree Levy, Invitational Art Fairs, Inc

"Thanks so much for listing our shows! Your site is great... it fills a tremendous need in the crafts community. Keep up the good work."
Stacey Jarit, director, Artrider Productions Inc

"I just received my first order using the printable form on my website."
Alan Bjorkman, Renaissance Forgeries

"I just received a $1000 order from a collector in London for my original watercolors...I'm getting a computer!"
Kenneth Koskela

"The orders have been rolling in this January and I am still in shock about it... I am really going to be focusing on marketing this year and the website is going to be a big part of that. I know our website has paid for itself in spades!"

"We did just get our first order for the Special (a customer in Germany!). We have had about a dozen catalog requests, and several calls asking if we had a web site or for its address.."
Literary Caligraphy

"I got an e-mail from a gallery in D.C. that saw my site, telling about a show they were having; I sent slides, and they accepted one of them for the show."
Bill Gray

Listed below are various messages from JOLAF's early days...

"We have been able to increase our wholesale business tremendously from our website."

"I've gotten two galleries from California that saw my website and placed orders with me."
Debra Swauger...12/2/97

"We just got a $1300 gallery order from our website!"

"HOORAY!!!! I just got my first sale as a direct result of the JOLAF site on the internet. NOW I can tell people that it really works!."
Nancy West...12/97

"There have been three sales via JOLAF."
Kenneth Koskela...11/97

"We sold a wolf mirror last week at the Gaithersburg show, to a wonderful couple who had previewed it on our website and stopped by the show to see it in person."
Contois Reynolds...11/97

"I have had over $1000 in sales at my spring shows from folks who have previewed my works on my website."
Kevin Dyer...4/97

"We have a new gallery account after they saw our works on our website; also several direct sales, especially around Christmas."
Kevin Ritter and John Rymer...4/97

"I sold a $400 serigraph to a woman at a show who felt she wanted her husband's approval before purchase; she went home that evening and they visited my website. He saw the piece and loved it...she came back to the show the next day and bought the piece!"
Nancy Klotzle...11/96

"I am in AWE!...I am truly BLOWN AWAY. I've visited other musician sites and it was obvious that those other sites were done by musicians, NOT artists. I think my site rivals anything I've seen thus far... mine is the best I've seen yet. GREAT JOB. You are nothing short of miracle workers...the text, the layout, the pictures are great. Please know that I am BONKERS!!! about the site. Thanks for all your hard work. I remain . . .Extremely pleased,"
Bob Noone, Lawsongs Inc.

"Halleluia! JOLAF website looks great! Y'all work real quick! Thanks. It really looks great, we are very happy with the website. Thanks for all your work on mine, & JOLAF in general. I like your attitudes toward life, your art work, and the JOLAF family & concept. I'm happy to be in on the ground floor with you..."
Bill Gray

"We all enjoyed our visit to JOLAF today. You did a GREAT job on my site! Nice background. Good color choice of type. ML & Eirik say 'hello' too. Eirik can't believe he's on the web!"
Allen "Ye Printmaker" Bjorkman

"We looked at the site at my sister's house and were blown away with the job you did. Thanks for putting us on the cover for Gaithersburg. We will be upstairs in Bldg. #1, where we started...see you two soon."
Nancy and David Klotzle

"WOW! I just checked out your site. Compared to what I've seen, there's no comparison. I am still doing a website with you, I just received the new slides I had done the other day, now it is a matter of pulling it all together. This has been an interesting experience for me in that I've really had to think about what I want to sell, how I want to work and the pieces I want to make. Who knew it would be such a soul searching process to put together a website! I'm excited to get it done so you'll be hearing from me soon...

[and one month LATER] ...We Love It!!!! I am amazed at how fast you did it. I am so pleased with the work you've done. Talk to you later."
Kevin Ritter and John Rymer, Clayspirit

"Hey Guys! Looking Good! I just had a chance to wander over to JOLAF, and you're doing a great job. Attractive, Informative, and Tasteful are the words that come to mind immediately. Too often pages are flashy, with little substance, or a lot of info with little thought given to esthetics. Keep up the good work!...Be Happy!"
Terrariums by Ron Gladkowski

"Just checked my website out, looks really good. I put an ad in The Lifestyle Crafts Resource Directory which goes out to buyers at the Rosen Show and the New York gift show. I advertised my page, so I guess I got on just in time..."
Debra Swauger

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