How to Add the JOLAF "Preview Work" Feature
The instructions below are fairly detailed, to help those JOLAF exhibitors with basic webpage design experience. If however you do not handle your own website updating, then you should turn this over to your webmaster.

Experienced Siteowners:  If you are actually somewhat advanced and already do your own website updating, then we recommend that you go directly to our popup window [SHORT VERSION]. Anyone with reasonable HTML experience can do this in about 10 minutes.

This page will explain how you can allow visitors to easily preview one of your pieces via a link at -- all you need is a basic understanding of HTML & graphic editing, and the ability to use your FTP uploading program.

Note: If you do not handle your own website updating, then your webmaster should be able to complete this for you *very* quickly.

The site visitors will be able to see the preview by clicking the tiny graphic star icon which we will place next to your listing in the "Artist Gallery" (where we list exhibitors by name), and also next to your name in your Medium.

Your traffic referrals from JOLAF will increase with this free feature because after visitors visually preview one of your pieces, they will be enticed to click through to your own website to see more of your work.

The procedure for adding the "Preview Work" capability to your listing at is very simple -- all you are doing is sizing (if necessary); naming; and uploading an image to your own hosting account. As mentioned above, if you are comfortable with graphic editing, the entire process on your end should only take about 10-15 minutes.


Helpful Programs (if necessary)...

· Any basic graphic editor should allow you to re-size an image, however if you do not have a graphic editor installed on your computer, check out these very fine free ones: IrfanView (for Windows) or BME (Mac).

· You need to be able to upload a file from your harddrive to your own web host -- here is info about getting an FTP Program if you do not already have one installed.

· If all you want is a tool to resize your existing images, then take a look at this outstanding free one: PixResizer (Windows). Here are instructions for using "PixResizer".

· Also, if you have basic HTML experience and are interested in doing some of your own website updates, here are two free HTML editors: 1st Page 2000 (Windows) ; Taco (Mac OSX)

· In addition, there are some other excellent freeware graphic compression tools at (Windows) and Tucows (Mac OS X) -- these will help your photos load more quickly (always a good thing!).

Please be certain to NOTIFY US when you have completed this process!

These instructions should work for almost all hosting services -- however if it does not work for your's, then you'll need to contact the hosting tech support for additional assistance, or turn this project over to your webmaster.

[1] First create a single new folder at the top level of your own website's hosting directory, and name that folder  jolafpic  -- all lowercase, no spaces (no other name will work);

[Definition: By "top level", we mean that the new "jolafpic" folder should be at the same level in your hosting directory as your home page -- do NOT place the jolafpic folder inside another folder.]

NOTE: If your hosting service does not allow you to create folders, please [read this].

[2] Decide which picture of your work you want to use for your JOLAF preview (use a .jpg); copy it and then rename the copy:  jolafpic.jpg.

You can use any photo of your work that you want, however, the image you select must follow these formats:
  • the name of the piece that you use for your JOLAF preview *must* be named:  jolafpic.jpg  all lowercase and no spaces. NO other name will work! For example, the following will NOT work: .JPG, .jpeg, .JPEG. Plus, gif's and png's will also not work -- only   .jpg
  • the size of the image should not exceed 410 pixels high or wide. Therefore, 410x410, 410x400, 380x410, or any other such combination is fine. However, 460x400 or 395x450, etc etc may not fit as one of the dimensions exceeds 410.

    [3] Use your FTP program to upload  jolafpic.jpg  from your harddrive and place it into the  jolafpic  folder at your own hosting account. Then let us know that it's ready.

    That's all there is to it!

    So, if you've done this correctly you will have an artwork that will reside at this address:


    When you have that image prepared at the proper size limitations, named correctly, and sitting in the jolafpic folder (as described above), then you should be able to easily view it. Try inserting your own domain name into the webpage address directly above, then go to it using your browser.

    [If you get an error, first check your naming convention and then make sure  jolafpic.jpg  is inside the  jolafpic  folder].

    After you have opened the "" address in your browser and confirmed for certain that the graphic you want to use is in place as instructed, then let us know and we'll add the preview capability to your listing.

    Note that you can change this image as often as you want, as long as it follows all the criteria above. You could put a new picture up every week if you wanted.

    Once it is all completely ready to go on your end, and we'll get your preview link activated...

    Our email address is:
     Use as your subject:   "Add JOLAF Preview"

    Image Management Suggestion...

    Optional: Consider creating a second folder on your own harddrive called something like "jolafpics-used". Whenever you change images in the primary jolafpic folder, save the one being replaced to the "jolafpics-used" folder, and rename it with the date that it was pulled.

    For example, if you changed images in September, then rename the image being put into the "jolafpics-used" folder something like "jolafpic-09.jpg". By doing that, you can occasionally rotate the images that the visitors will preview, and you'll know just by looking when a particular image was last utilized (all you'd have to do is to rename it "jolafpic.jpg" again prior to uploading).

    This would provide for our regularly returning visitors a greater likelihood of seeing something new at your listing, which of course is good for generating even more traffic to your site.

    Please be sure to after the photo you want to use for your "jolafpic.jpg" has been added to the "jolafpic" folder at your own website host directory -- we will then activate it at your listing in JOLAF's "Artists Gallery"...

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