Nancy Klotzle - Winterberry Studios Original Serigraphs

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Coming of age during the mid 60's I became a part of the special community which embraced transcendance and transformation. Many of us came together forming what can only be described as family, bound by the spirit of love and peace, in a special moment in time, as we each traveled our own spititual journey.

For many of us, this experience of love and joy came through a realization of our oneness with nature and the earth. My vision as an artist, to express nature's beauty, harmony and simplicity for all to see, was born at that time and remains my goal today nearly thirty years later.

My first studies, in the then "new art" of screen printing, were taken at the Brattle Center in Cambridge MA, in the shadow of Harvard University, accompanied to the sounds of folk music and "Hari Krishna" finger symbols. What I most enjoyed about these courses was the lack of formal textbooks, because this was, and still is, a happening art form not bound by conventions of the past. There is no right or wrong way, just my way! I love it today as much as I did then.

The purpose of my art needs no real explanation. What you see is what you get. Simplicity of line and shape, nature's colors on a perfect day, a feeling of peace and transcendance for the viewer.

My art is my meditation that I share with you. Peace be with you!

Autumn Remembered serigraph "Autumn Remembered"
24" x 24"
$185 framed
Lily Reflections serigraph "Lily Reflections"
24" x 30"
$275 framed
Down East Porch serigraph "Down East Porch"
24" x 30"
$275 framed
Elfin Wood serigraph "Elfin Wood"
20" x 20"
$145 framed

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