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Working from my original designs, I first hand cut a paper stencil for each color to be represented in the final picture. When all the stencils are cut, each one is printed by attaching it underneath a screen of stretched silk.

Individually hand mixed ink is then placed on the screen and forced through the silk, with a rubber squeegee depositing color on the paper placed beneath (as many as 25 different colors are used in some of my creations).

Where the stencil paper has been cut away, the ink leaves its mark. Each stencil builds on the previous one until the final image is achieved, making serigraphs the most labor intensive hand printing process known.

Iris Bouquet serigraph "Iris Bouquet"
24" x 30"
Summer Vision serigraph "Summer Vision"
30" x 40"
Seal Harbor Summer serigraph "Seal Harbour Summer"
24" x 30"

Nancy Klotzle, Winterberry Studio Serigraphs
P.O. Box 443, Yorktown, NY 10598 (914) 736-7132

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