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· How to Successfully Market Art & Craft
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· Techniques for Creating Original Art & Craft
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· Book Biographies of the Great Artists
Books about Creating Art + Craft Work
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Including publications about painting, fiber & fabric, photography, sculpture, woodworking, glass art, pottery, marketing art/craft opportunities and much more, to help you stay up-to-date about techniques & opportunities in your chosen field....

Magazines about Art + Craft
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· Techniques for Creating Art & Craft Work

· Understanding & Appreciating Original
  Art & Craft Work

· Biographies of Great Artists
DVDs about Art + Craft
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· Techniques for Creating Art & Craft Work

· Biographies of Great Artists
Videos about Art + Craft
· Motivational & Time Management DVD Tutorials
Having artistic talent & technical abilities is the first step towards being a successful artist, however it is sometimes not enough. If you find that you are not "breaking through" to a more satisfying income, then it may have to do with the way you think about yourself and/or your studio business. You can change that by learning fundamental skills of time management, productivity, investment, and leadership -- check out these instructional DVDs for more great info...
DVDs about Leadership + Motivation

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