Bill Gray Photographic Art

photo of Viet Nam Veterans' Memorial at night, Washington, DC

Bill Gray uses color, light, form, line and mood to create beautiful and tranquil images, drawing from both the natural and man-made world.

His deeply dramatic photograph of the Viet Nam Veterans' Memorial at night contrasts with the painterly softness found in much of his work. "These are water colors, aren't they?" is an oft heard query upon seeing his natural scenes for the first time...

NEW!!   Bill has added several new photographs to his sure to visit the additions in Gallery II and his new Gallery III.

"Giverny Glory"
24" x 24"
$275 framed

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Bill Gray Photographic Art
818 Tanley Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904-2841
(301) 680-3571

camera aperature used as a horizontal bar

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