One of the single most effective ways that you can establish interest and credibility for your studio is to place a page on your website where you "demonstrate" how you create your work.

Those of us who do realworld art shows have heard about a thousand times "did you make this?" Including a demo page on your site makes it very clear to your visitors that you really are, in fact, the artist!

At a time when digital cameras are very affordable, this is an easy feature to create. Ideally you'd break the process down to a series of identifiable steps, and would photograph yourself with the piece at each of these steps along the way.

Next to each image place a short & concise explanation of what you are doing. There is no need to give away any technique secrets - you are just providing a grand overview.

Make the very last picture a close up of the work, as it would look if someone were to purchase it.

You can see an example of some of our current demo pages at the "JOLAF Artists Demonstrations".

If you have such a page now, or create one eventually, let us know and if it is set up the way we describe above, we'll give you an extra free listing.