Here are some tips for choosing your domain name...

[1] Include what you do in the name.

  • Example - Susan Talbott, clay artist. She could get, but looking at that you wouldn't know whether she was a lawyer, an architect, a grocer, or an artist. But most importantly, this does not help her with search engines!

    However, if she were to reserve "", she can get a better ranking in search results for queries related to ceramics. That is because the domain name is the first thing that many engines look at when going through their index. Because "ceramic" is in the domain name, she gets an "extra point" with them.

[2] Make the name relatively easy to spell.

  • As everybody knows, typos abound on the WWW, so make it as easy as possible for your customers to enter your address at their keyboard.

[3] Keep the name as short as possible.

  • It seems that every single word in the English language is now taken, and just about every logical 2 word combination appears to be gone. So try different ones to see if you have any luck, but if you do need to go to 2 or 3 words, try to keep them relatively short. The longer the domain name, the greater the likelihood of typing errors.

[4] Pick words that are easy to remember.

  • Using our example, "" is easy. But if it was "", it is getting too complicated.

[5] Avoid unconventional spellings.

  • Don't take "", as it will only confuse potential customers. Many people will end up going to "" because they'll forget that you changed the ending "c" to a "k", so you'll lose traffic.

[6] Try to get a dotcom if at all possible.

  • Even though there are now lots of other choices, it is still the dotcom that everyone thinks of first.

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