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JEWELERS ~ Please see the note at the [bottom]

How to Include Your Own Studio & Site Listings at
Established 1996

The Juried OnLine Arts Festival is open to all artists with their own registered domain name / independent website, and who are creating original art & handmade fine craft. If you'd like to have your studio included at this leading Internet arts portal, the only charge to get started is the $30 membership fee ($10 per year after the first year).

People who collect art & craft work for themselves or who purchase it as gifts enjoy browsing through the studio sites presented via the JOLAF listings because the quality of the work makes it such a rewarding experience. Plus our ease-of-navigation allows collectors to immediately bookmark those artists that they find most appealing, for quick return when they are ready to place additional orders.

Joining the community...

After we receive your membership, then you are listed alpabetically by your name and also in your medium. preview star In addition, you have the option (at no extra charge) to place a star next to your name that will allow visitors to "preview" your work when the star is clicked (you can see how it works by clicking the gold star to the left). Instructions for this are sent to you after your listings are in place.

  • First step:  [Criteria for Exhibiting] ... Please read this brief page to determine if your work and website meet the guidelines.

  • Second step:  [Submission Form] ... If you feel your work/website meet the criteria, please feel welcome to submit your own listing for consideration.

    IMPORTANT!  If for any reason your browser does not connect with the submission form above, please and we will send an alternative address... thanks.

  • If you still have questions, then we encourage you to take a few minutes to read the Juried OnLine Arts Festival's [FAQ about JOLAF]. This will explain pretty much everything you would want to know about how the online gallery works. (Note: this link opens in a new window).

  • If you need assistance in keeping your website up-to-date, or if your current site would benefit from a more professional look, see our [custom design & update services].

If you have questions or comments about the Juried OnLine Arts Festival...

Contact:   Steve Reynolds & Ann Contois
[Email JOLAF]


JEWELERS PLEASE NOTE!  For whatever reason, we have been swamped with requests from jewelers over the past year to be listed at JOLAF. We do not want this online gallery to go the way of realworld shows, with seemingly every other booth being jewelry, so we have slowed down the number of new people we add to the Jewelry category. If you wish to be considered, then please DO continue ~ we actually give full consideration each submission ~ but also be aware that the number of jeweler applications we receive may impact whether or not we can offer immediate participation.

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