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International Shipping - Mirrors

If you live outside the continental 48 US states, you can get a very accurate estimate of the shipping charges for our mirrors by visiting the websites of the US Postal Service [USPS] and United Parcel Service [UPS].

We have found for international shipping, the US Postal Service has the best price in their "Parcel Post - Airmail" service; however, it is considerably SLOWER than the 4 - 7 days they advertise.

If you prefer UPS, you can check their charges at their site [please be aware that for international shipping, UPS is faster, but also costs more].

The larger mirror boxes, with packing, weigh approximately 24 lbs; they are 26" x 26" x 9" in size.

This is a very easy process:  just go to the sites listed below, and fill in the fields on their online forms.  We are shipping the mirror from West Virginia [WV] zip code 25523.

UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE - Click on "A Package" when the window comes up. In the next window, use the pull down menu to choose your country, add the weight of 24 lbs for one of our larger mirrors, or 12 lbs for one of our smaller mirrors; then click OK.  Parcel Post Airmail is the best choice.

UNITED PARCEL SERVICE - At "Drop-off/Pickup" use "Customer Counter";   at "Packaging" use "Your Packaging".

When you get the estimated shipping charge from the online form, add an additional $10 for insurance and the cost of the boxes, packing, etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to... Contact Us

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