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Gallery of Stained Glass Art

The stained glass studio of Contois Reynolds has been producing originally designed, limited edition contemporary art mirrors, southwestern art mirrors, fantasy art mirrors, and space art mirrors for over two decades. Coming of the White Buffalo mirror

Our elegant dragons, wizards, and fairies are cherished by collectors of fantasy art; our howling wolf, white buffalo, and great bear are proudly displayed by collectors of southwestern art; and we are constantly being told we should show our saturn, solar system, and universe space art mirrors to the producers of Star Trek movies!

If you have a contemporary decor in your home or office, you'll find our line of contemporary art mirrors will make a most striking addition, and will very soon become a favorite piece of artwork for your guests or clients. Since much of our work is inspired by the great art deco and art nouveau periods, we call it "art deco for the 21st century."

All of our stained glass art is originally designed and hand made of heirloom quality materials, and each mirror is engraved with our signature on the back. We utilize holograms, kiln fired gold, dichroic glass, and mirrored stained glass in every design.... because no two of our mirrors are ever alike, they are, by definition, of very limited edition.

Every home and office has a place for a mirror. At Contois Reynolds, we combine the functionality of mirror with the beauty of art to create a work that will last you a lifetime, and will be an immediate highlight in any room. All major credit cards accepted.... safe delivery guaranteed.

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